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Toys, books, animation celluloids, theme-park souvenirs, and other collectibles produced by The Walt Disney Company, featuring popular Disney characters. Disneyana hobbyists grew exponentially throughout the 1980s and 1990s, and today's collectors can find Disney items for sale at a variety of online auction sites, as well as at regional and international comics and other collectors shows. In general, Disneyana produced during Walt Disney's lifetime (1901–1966) is considered to be among the most desired and valuable of this genre.


For something as popular and sought-after as Disneyana and collectables and merchandise, I was a little surprised to see that there are no (active) LiveJournal communities out there. So that's what I made this for! Sharing your collectables, posting sales, appraising, inquiring, and sharing helpful tips and advice!


1. Be courteous
2. No foul language (let's keep things "Disney", shall we?)
3. Sales posts are welcome, but spam will not be tolerated (please keep sales posts to every week.)
4. Haters and trolls will not be tolerated and offensive material will be removed promptly
5. Don't be afraid to post, say hello, and just have fun!
~ Your Mod: vxangelkissxv

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